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Sneaky Stains Can Present Tough Challenges

Some sneaky stains can be a real head scratcher if we don't know everything and are working with incomplete information. You may not realize it, but some stains can be made up of compound elements beyond just the obvious presumed cause of the problem.

Coffee Stains

Stains like this can often be very complex. For instance, coffee may often contain milk or other additives, making the stain more difficult to remove. The coffee is a tannin stain and the milk leaves a protein-based stain. Both the coffee and the milk in the coffee are water-based stains, but protein stains require more work to get out. Such stains will have to be treated individually, even though the actual staining occurred at the same time. If you drop off an item with a coffee stain, please inform our customer service representative how you take your coffee (i.e., with cream and sugar, milk and sugar, black, etc.). 

Often these types of stains can lead to confusion. Providing us with a better understanding of a combination stain's composition will increase the likelihood of it being removed completely. How long the stain has been there is another factor that affects whether the stain will come out. The more information you can give the customer service representative the better.

Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing

Oil is soluble in drycleaning solvent, but the vinegar is water soluble. 

Juices from Rare Meat

These stains may contain water-soluble blood, but the oil from cooking is soluble in drycleaning solvent.

Tomato (Spaghetti) Sauce

If made with meat, spaghetti sauce stains can contain grease from the meat that is soluble in drycleaning solvent, whereas the tomato sauce is water soluble.

As always, you can trust us to remove even your trickiest stains, but the more we know -- the easier it is to make sure you are looking your best!

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