Spring is in the air!


Myth Buster!

"It's time to put away my winter clothes, I will just clean them in the fall."


As the weather turns warmer, and we finally say goodbye to the harsh winter cold, many people are starting to put away the winter clothes and bring out their spring garments.

NEVER put away your garments without properly cleaning them first. We know many people re-wash them when they pull them out of storage to refresh them, so one might think they can skip cleaning them before putting them away. This can be very dangerous to your garments and can irreparably cause harm.

Often times you can have stains that you don't see that will caramelize over time. These can set and you risk not being able to remove them. They also can provide a feeding ground for moths and other insects.

Before storing any garments, make sure they are clean and dry. Then when you pull them back out of storage you know they will be fresh and ready to wear again.

If you have any questions on preparing for your changing over your wardrobe -- give us a call!

We are always here to help!

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