Say “YES” to Who cares for your wedding dress!


Myth Buster!

"It's time to put away my winter clothes, I will just clean them in the fall."


Every bride is aware of the importance of finding the perfect dress to wear on the happiest day of her life. But more than being just a precious memento of the beginning of a wonderful life together, a wedding gown could be an heirloom piece that you hand down over generations. For this reason, the right time to think about preserving your wedding dress is when you buy it.

Keep in mind that regular drycleaning is very different from the specialized processes used for wedding gown preservation.

The experts at Affordable Preservation talk about how you may want to plan for this critical process by checking with the designer of the dress and friends and family for recommendations of the best professionals. You may also want to ask the boutique so they can guide you depending on the kind of fabric and embellishments that went into the dress. At the time of organizing the maintenance of your dress, it is essential that you keep a few key factors in mind.

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